Monday, July 19, 2010

Our weekend update

Is it just me, or did the weekend fly by? They never last long enough!

Saturday, we decided to go to the Galleria Mall. Now, why we would choose to fight the traffic and spend 15 minutes looking for a parking spot just for something to do, I have no idea. But, it was indoors and out of the heat.

We walked by the Claire's store and I whispered to Danny that we should get Kenzie's ears pierced. To keep it a surprise, I let them walk on and I went in to make sure they even did that in that store and to see what was involved. After finding out that they did do piercings, I went back over to Danny and the kids and we asked her if she wanted to get it done or not. At first, she was hesitant and didn't know if she wanted to or not because she didn't know how much it would hurt. I admitted that yes, it would hurt a little bit, kind of like a shot at the doctor's office and she didn't have to get it done if she didn't want to. After a few moments of consideration, she agreed to have it done.
We picked out her studs and the woman explained the procedure to us. She gave Kenzie a teddy bear to squeeze while she pierced both ears. After the first one was done, I could tell that Kenzie thought that it hurt a little bit but she didn't cry. When she was all done, she looked in the mirrow with the biggest smile on her face.

{piercing the first ear}


She picked out some cute earrings to wear after the 6 weeks of wearing the studs were up. She was so excited to show them off! I told her that about the time school starts up again, she'll be able to wear any kind of earrings she wants. She's just thrilled and so am I to be able to go earring shopping with her :)

After we left the Galleria, we headed downtown to Discovery Green park. The kids brought a huge gallon container of bubbles that they played with for a little while. The park was showing a movie that night on a big projector screen but we had already planned to go to Miller Outdoor Theatre that night to watch a play of "Little Shop of Horrors." The play was starting at 8:30 pm so shortly after 6 pm we headed over to the theatre.

I had been wanting to go see a show at this theatre for a long time. All events at the theatre are FREE which is totally awesome! They have a huge stage set up and a big seating area. Behind the regular seating is a huge hill that people sit on with blankets, chairs, and coolers. You can bring your own food and drinks and have a picnic if you want but they also have a concessions stand too. Here's a picture of what it look like-

So anyways, we get there and we're all set up on top of the hill with our chairs, blankets for the kids to sit on, drinks, food, and toys to occupy the kids. It was about an hour before the show and we noticed the sky getting darker and clouds moving in. Before we knew it, it started to rain...and rain...and then pour!! So, we packed up our chairs, blankets, and toys and started running for the car (which of course is like forever away!) We were drenched when we got to the car! We thought about waiting out the rain but it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon and even if it did, we didn't want to sit on the wet ground afterwards.

So, I was pretty bummed but we'll definately have to try to go back to see another show.

~~Have a great week!~~

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