Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interesting Conversations

When I got home from work and picking up the kids last night, Aydan wanted to watch Shrek the 3rd (as usual). So I put the DVD in for him and sat down in the chair with him to watch it for a few minutes before starting supper. I love getting Aydan talking because he says some of the funniest things.

Me: Princess Fiona is going to have a baby. Shrek is going to be a daddy. She has a baby in her belly, Aydan.

Aydan (pointing at the tv): She has a butt.

Me: What? You mean she has a belly?

Aydan: She has a butt.

Me: Umm, yes, I guess she does.

Aydan: I'm gonna shake my booty with Fiona!!

Me: (pause...then dying laughing!!!) What!!

Aydan: I'm gonna shake my booty with Fiona!

Me: No, Fiona only shakes her booty with Shrek.

Aydan: I am too big? (raising his hand up toward the ceiling)

Me: Yes, you are too big. She only likes Shrek.


A little later, Kenzie joined me in talking to Aydan. She tells me she thinks Aydan has a girlfriend in daycare. I think there is only 1 girl in his class; the rest are boys.

Me: Aydan, who is the little girl in your daycare class?

Aydan: Legacy

Me: Legacy? Do you like her? Is she nice?

Aydan: (smiling) Yes.

Kenzie: Is she your girlfriend?

Aydan: Yes.

Kenzie: Do you kiss her?

Aydan: (making a grossed-out face) No! Thats yucky!! I don't kiss friends in my class!!


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i love kid conversations...they are so stinkin' funny!!

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hello Kim

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teaching sonny how to comment. hello from chuck and debbie