Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow, rashes, and other unpleasant things...

OMG!! Did you hear the news!! It snowed down here in Houston on Friday!! I couldn't believe it! Early in the week, the weather forecast predicted that we may see some snow but I thought for sure that it would be wrong because come on---snow in Houston---ridiculous, right?


Sure enough, Friday morning it started snowing, and it was coming down pretty good! The flakes were surprisingly huge! I have to say it was very pretty and it made it feel a little more like the Christmas season was upon us. I'm only happy that it DID NOT stick around and I WILL NOT have to shovel it or scrap snow and ice off of my car!!

People react to snow alot differently down here than in IL. The weather channel issued Winter Weather Warnings and Advisories for the area because they forcasted 1-3 inches of snow. Inches....not feet...and they issue warnings. Schools let out early and the bank I work for even closed at noon. A record low temperature of 29 degrees was set and another record for snowing for 2 consecutive years in a row was set. At our apartment building, people came outside excited to touch the snow as it fell to the ground.

And this week, the temperature is supposed to get back up into the 60's and 70's. I'll take it.

In other news, poor Aydan had scarlet fever last week. If you are like me, you probably didn't think that was even still around. Thats what you get when you mix strep throat with a fever and rash, which I did not know. He had gotten a fever of 103 on Monday and I had to pick him up early from daycare. On Tuesday, his fever would come and go with medicine, but it didn't get as high as 103 again. He would tell me that his mouth hurt so I didn't know if he meant his throat or something else. Wednesday rolls around and fever is still coming back, and now he is getting a rash on his legs and back. So I call the doctor and get him in that morning. He tested positive for strep throat and thats when the doctor said he actually has scarlet fever. He got a prescription for antibiotic and is doing fine now. It did take a few days for the rash to go away. I am so glad that no one else in the family got it (knock on wood!!) because he was very contagious.

Well, that about sums up our past week. Now we need to get everything ready for Christmas. I can't wait until we get our Christmas tree up; it just doesn't feel like Christmas without it!

~~~~~~~Merry Christmas to you all!~~~~~~~~~~


jodi said...

Wow Kim I think you guys got snow before we did up here, but our forcast for next week doesn't look at promising as your - but hey there is a high of 35 on Sunday that will feel like a heat blast. We have all gotten out our coats/scarves/gloves/mittens/boots/sweaters/leggins/fuzzy socks/earmuffs/stocking hats/blankets/quilts/...and the list goes on and on and on, just don't want you to foget what it is like up here in the nice 'ol state of Illinois!! Christmas time is sure creeping up here...I wrapped some presents last night and I made some cookies and homemade carmel earlier this week! The snow makes if just seem closer to Christmas.

Jodi said...

oh wait I forgot the mention space heaters too!! we all have to have them here..I think we have 4 maybe we should just turn up the heat in the whole building hun?!!

Jodi said...

Kim this is what happens when we have slow days...I will quit after this message. I can't believe that you got off at noon over 1-3 inches!!