Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something New

Friday night we got invited to go out to eat with some friends we met from church. Its always nice to get out of the house and spend time with other people our age, although we did have the kids with us. We decided to go to Ichibon's that is right down the road from us. We had never been there but the couple we went with said it was very good. Here are a couple pictures we took, but I posted them in reverse order.

The kids enjoyed some ice cream after their dinner.

The coolest thing about this place was that a chef prepares the food right at your table. They make it very interactive and fun. He put oil on the stovetop and lit it on fire. I think it scared the kids at first, but then they seemed to enjoy it. He did tricks with his knives and made different things out of the food. Its hard to explain; you just have to see it because it was really cool.
In this picture, he had just finished making the fried rice and was handing out everyone's bowls.
The food was so good and it was neat to be able to see it prepared before your eyes. Can't get much fresher than that! It was definately a different experience than we are used to and if it weren't for the friends of ours suggesting it, we probably would have never tried it just because it was different.


Jodi said...

sounds interesting!! what type of food was it Chinese?

Danny said...

Japanese! and it was good!!:)