Friday, October 9, 2009


I was at the daycare the other day picking the kids up after work. I walked into Aydan's room first and saw him standing next to another little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. I went over to them and the other little boy, Jacob, said hi to me and I said hi back and was talking to him.

Then Aydan steps up and goes, "NO Mommy! Dat's Jacob, not Aydan!" Then points to himself: "I'm Aydan Mommy, I'm Aydan!"

And, sometimes if other kids start talking to me, he will say, "Hey dat's my mommy, not yours!"

Kenzie is doing great in school so far. We got her mid-term report and she had straigh A's! We are so proud of her! She will be in a dance clinic on Saturday, October 17th at Clear Lake High School. The dance team will show the younger kids different dance performances. She is looking forward to it. It will be something new for her to try.

Also, she is a member of our church's childrens choir and they will have their first performance this Sunday. She's really excited about that too! I will try to get some of it on video for you all to see.

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