Friday, May 15, 2009

Be prepared.... long story to follow!!

As many of you know, Danny and I have been wanting to relocate our family down to the Houston area for the past year. We wanted to get out of our small town and see what else was out there for ourselves and for our kids. We want our kids to see and experience things that we never got to do or see. Some people dont understand why we want to do this and it is hard to explain.

It has been a long and very difficult process for us, full of ups and downs. We would get overwhelmed at times trying to figure out things from getting new jobs there, finding somewhere to live thats safe, meeting new people and so on. We even put our house up for sale in hopes of it selling right away so we could continue on our move. Little did we know that we were trying to sell a house as a recession was beginning. What luck! Months would go by without any interest in the house at all.

And, I have to be honest, for the past couple of months we had pretty much given up on the whole idea. Nothing was going our way and we had come to accept the fact that it probably wasnt going to happen, at least not at this point in our lives.

Ok, now that you know the background story a bit better, I will move on to the real story. About 2 weeks ago, Danny had a voice mail on his cell phone from an old supervisor of his from when he worked at PTC. Danny called him back, wondering what he would have wanted. Well, this man had called Danny because around the beginning of this year, Danny applied for a job in Houston at a steel tube plant, very similar to PTC. Well he never heard anything back so we pretty much forgot about it. This man that was Dannys supervisor in Fairbury, is now working at this plant in Houston and was looking at the resume Danny had sent down and was calling to see if Danny was still interested!

When Danny told me about this, I was in complete shock! What are the chances that the one plant Danny applies for in a city as large as Houston, is where his old boss is working now! We couldnt believe it! We were so excited, but trying not to get too excited because things hadnt been going our way in a long time and we didnt want to jinx it. So, his supervisor wanted him to come down and look at the plant to make sure he would be interested, so they arranged that about a week later.

Danny drove there (16 hr drive) and met with him to talk about it. They offered him the job and he accepted it. He is to start on Tuesday, May 26th. He is so excited about this job; its 4 days a week, 10 hour days, so he will be off friday-sunday, it offers great benefits, and great starting pay as well. This is what we have been praying for!

Now comes the hard part of preparing for this huge move! We plan on leaving Saturday May 22 so we can get there sometime Sunday since Danny needs to start that Tuesday. Its going to very difficult to get through all of the good-byes but we know that this is what we want to do. We will have each other, and also it helps a lot that we have family in that area as well! They have been so helpful throughout this whole process.

We pray that God gives us strength during this transition and we really feel that all of this has been a blessing from God. We have learned to try and stay positive even when things arent going your way and never give up on what you want. Through the good and the bad, it has brought our family closer together and has brought us closer to God, knowing that He will always be there to help us through it all.


Larissa said...

Im so happy for you! but i will miss you bunches! :)

Green's said...

I am also happy for you all! I hope it all works out, Sad to see you go as I am sure everyone is. How ever I know I will see you all again. We will just have to have more family things! LOL. Please let me know that you all made it safe!