Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our little secret

Mackenzie would be really mad at me if she knew I'm writing about this so don't tell her.

Last night we went to the school to register Mackenzie for 1st grade. On the way home, we were talking about which kids were in her class. After we mention one of the names, Kenzie says, "Mom, don't freak out, but I want Will to be my boyfriend. He is so cute I just want to kiss him! Just don't freak out Mom, and don't tell Dad!" I was speachless, I didn't know what to say!! Boyfriends already? Boys her age are supposed to have "cooties" and be gross. Why is she talking about boyfriends already? Later on, I ask, "So you like Will, huh?" And she says, "Yeah, he is so nice and so cute and he's not mean to me. Don't tell Dad, though OK. I don't want anyone to know."

So here I go, blabbing to everyone about her little crush. Just don't tell anyone okay:)


Green's said...

I won't tell! lol. That is soo cute! I can't believe how much things change and so fast! When I was there age boys YUCK! Not the story these days! I don't think Serina trusts me with her secrets so I get to hear NO juicey ones like you! Still cute though!

Love yas!

Larissa said...

AAwwww...that is so funny, and defiantly cute.