Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pool Time!!

Kenzie and her friend Rachel, from after-school daycare.

Yay!!! We've finally been able to go swimming!!!  Today marks the 24th day in a row (everyday in August so far) of 100 degrees or higher here in Houston!!  We are so ready for this heat to go away!! To be in the 90's would be welcoming, lol!! According to the forecast, it doesn't look like its going away anytime soon..... :(  But, at least we are still able to go swimming this late in the summer, and probably into fall.

Kenzie used to be a little nervous in the water, especially getting her head wet or going under water.  This summer she has really made a lot of progress with swimming.  She got some new goggles and now she's swimming under water like a little fish.  We are very proud of her!! Aydan just needs his floaty and he's good to go.  He loves just lounging around, floating in the pool.  He's not real into going under or anything yet, which is fine.

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