Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8 years strong

June 15th, 2002, Danny and I were married in the company of our closest friends and family. Looking back, we were just kids ourselves; I was 18 and Danny had just turned 21, but we were ready to commit to each other for a lifetime. At the time, I don't think I fully understood what was about to happen. I didn't know about all the teamwork, trust, understanding, patience, compromises, and forgiveness it would take. But, I also didn't know that it would bring me so much happiness and comfort knowing that we would be spending the rest of our lives together. We are each other's best friend. Like any marriage, we've had our bumps along the road, but we are able to work through them together. We've helped each other become the people we are today.

I wanted to share with you 8 things (for 8 years) that I love about Danny.
  1. This may seem petty, but I really love when he helps me around the house. Heck, there's days that he cleans the entire house and does ALL of the laundry and it just totally makes my day!! I probably don't tell him enough how much I appreciate it.
  2. Another one that may seem small but I love it when he decides to pick up the kids for me after work. The bank I work for transferred me (supposedly temporarily) to a branch about 30 miles (aka 1 hour in Houston traffic) away so sometimes it is a rush for me to get back home in time to have the kids picked up from daycare. Danny also drives just as far as I do from work but sometimes, he'll drop by and pick up the kids if he beats me home. I love it when he does. It saves me so much time and I can get home sooner.
  3. I love that he sends me random emails or texts throughout the day when we are at work that let me know he's thinking about me. Or, he'll leave me a note at home before he goes to work. Makes me smile every time :)
  4. I love that he is always trying to do the best for our family.
  5. I love that he cherishes his time with me and the kids. When we aren't working, he's always wanting us to go to stuff together as a family. We're always going to the park or playing outside with the kids. We also love just sitting down at night and watching a good movie and eating popcorn.
  6. I love that he is so motivated to always trys to improve things. He sets his mind on something and doesn't stop until it gets done. When we wanted to move to Texas, he was always keeping me encouraged that it could be done and that we weren't crazy, lol! A few months ago, he decided he wanted to get into better shape so he joined the gym and went on a strict diet and so far has lost a good 35 pounds. This fall, he will be starting college for business adminstration so he can better his career options and in the long run help our family. It will be a long road but I know he will get it done. I'm so proud of him!!
  7. I love that I can be myself around him. When you first start dating someone, you try your hardest not to do anything wrong and be on your best behavior. I never wanted him to see me without makeup on or my hair perfectly done. Well, after you've been married for a while, nothing is embarrassing anymore. You learn each other's little quirks and you just get used to them. He knows more about me than anyone.
  8. Best of all, I love that he is such a great Dad. I think being a Dad brings out the best in him. Kenzie is such a Daddy's girl! She looks up to him so much! Aydan is still so young but I know as he gets older, he will be Danny's little shadow and want to go everywhere and do everything with him. I'm so glad that my kids have such a great Dad to look up to as they grow up!!


Danny said...

Your words are to kind! For I am the truly blessed one for having you!! I love you very much!!!!!

Jodi said...


Green's said...

Aww... I started to tear up while reading this. You and Danny make a wonderful couple and parents! CONGRATS on 8 great yrs and to many more!