Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day in the city...

I just realized that I had forgotten to post these pictures last week. They are from last weekend when we took the metro rail up to downtown Houston and then Herman Park.
Getting ready to get on the train.
Poor Aydan looks like he is holding on for dear life!

Kenzie preferred to stand up.

Downtown Houston
We were walking around but stopped to get a couple pictures.

We stopped to eat at Subway for lunch. After we left, we were walking around at Discovery Green park and Kenzie realized she left her backpack at Subway. We weren't sure if it would still be there but we walked back to anyway to check. Surprisingly enough, someone had took it to the lost and found so Kenzie was so excited to get it back. She didn't have anything important in it; just a few of her smaller toys and a notebook and pen, but it was still nice to know that no one took it.

We got back on the train downtown and headed to Herman Park for the kids to play some more. The weather was awesome that day so we wanted to get the most out of it.

Managed to get them both to stop for a picture.

A view from Herman Park. You can see some buildings downtown in the background.

I think he was mad about something but I can't remember what. Makes a funny picture though!!

This is a giant ball of granite that is on display at the park. There's water trickling down underneath of it so you can spin it around.

Ahoy matey!

Sitting at the train stop waiting for the train after a long day.


Green's said...

What great pics for such a great day! LOVE EM ALL!

Larissa said...

Looks like a fun weekend! :)