Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things NOT to skimp on

I heard them talking about this on the radio this morning and I thought it was interesting to hear what people had said. They were talking about how during this recession we are having that people are obviously trying to save money any way they can, but there's always something that people don't want to go cheap on. Everyone has at least one thing that they always buy the good name brand instead of the cheap generic stuff. Here's a list of some things that I usually try NOT to buy in generic form:

  • Toilet paper-there really is a big difference in quality here. We use up the generic stuff twice as fast so I just get the better brand because it lasts a lot longer.
  • Dish soap-again, I end up using the generic up faster than I would the better brand so it pays off to just get the better kind. Plus, I think it works a lot better!
  • Bread-sometimes the generic bread gets hard the next day so I usually will splurge on getting bread that lasts longer and tastes better. Although, the generic does make good toast!
  • Garbage bags-I just hate it when my garbage bags rip when I'm trying to get them out of the garbage can so I try to buy the stronger ones that hold more and last longer.
  • Make-up-I once bought generic powder to save a couple bucks, and I when I put it on, it ended up looking orange. Yikes!!

I buy generic whenever fitting, especially if its just as good or better as the brand name. But, sometimes it really isn't as good of a value as the name brand and if it doesn't last as long, then in the long run, you're not saving the money you thought you were.

What are some things that you prefer to buy brand name, if any!


Green's said...

The things you listed I would have said also. I would also like to add..

Laundry Soap-I find that "most" generic's seem to not clean as well or it takes more to get your clothes clean.

Paper towel- Also so thin takes double!

Diapers- Once again thin. Baby wets once and time to change

So like you said I find that with some not all but some you are better off spending the extra couple cents to get the name brand that will out last the others. Then having to buy double of the generic! In the end you will pay more if the quality is bad!

Thanks for the wonderful blog entry! I always look forward to yours! Always something neat!

Take Care!

Larissa said...

I wont let my mom get any other ketchup besides Heinz...I think that the generic brands have a different flavor, I prefer the real stuff on that one!

Jodi said...

I pretty much think that our fam goes generic all the way, so I don't know of anything to add, but oh yes I do...when you have a cold, PUFFS with Lotion are the best....

Sara T said...

I do generic on lots of things but I can't do generic on laundry detergent. Too many bad experiences with problems with my cloths. I would rather buy more expensive laundry detergent than clothes. Clothes are way more expensive.