Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Odds & Ends

Long time no post, huh! Not much new has happened lately but I still wanted to do a new post. We've been getting a lot done with our house within the past couple of weeks. I'm so excited, we are getting new carpet for stairway and the other bedroom upstairs. Once thats done, the upstairs will be pretty much finished. Danny has been working on the new closet and putting the new trim around the rooms. And, my one and only job has been painting the trim and doors because thats basically all I am able to do. Between working on the house and playing with the kids, we have stayed pretty busy lately!

Mackenzie's bedroom was in need of a serious cleaning the other day so Danny and I worked on that one day while the kids were at his sister's. She just had so many toys everywhere and she hadn't been doing very well at picking up after herself. Aydan is not much help either. He loves to play in her room. Its so funny, he goes in there and puts a CD in her CD player and turns it on. Then once its playing, he turns the volume all the way up and stands there and dances. Its so hilarious, until we start fighting with him about turning down the volume. Anyway, back to the messy room. We went through all of her toys and took a lot of them down to the basement and threw out some stuff. We went through all of the stuff in her closet too. The bed that she had was really big, too big for her room. I think it was a double or something. Anyway, we took it out and now she has just a twin bed, which gives her a lot more room to play. She loves the new bed because there's enough room under the bed for her to lay under and "have a tent" with flashlight and stuffed animals. She's so funny. She has been doing a lot better at keeping her room clean now.

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